Who We Are

Mr. Lajpat Rai Talwar started his journey in 1956 by setting foot in the handicrafts industry. He laid down the foundation of our company in a small town of Moradabad (UP). With the third generation progressively carrying on this legacy, Objects D’ Art india has grown with over 500 employees and 250 artisans who are equipped with knowledge that passes down through generations. We work towards designing, manufacturing and exporting some of the finest contemporary home décor, which includes furniture, lighting, tabletops, cutlery and various other interior accessories.

We have passionately worked to combine innovative technology and remarkable craftsmanship to bring about the best products for our clients over the years. Our products are a unique take on distinctive and multi-functional designs that are bound to instantly light up your homes. Our strength lies in deploying techniques that are rare and merging materials that stand out. We diligently thrive to grow with time to satisfy our customers and withhold our long lasting relationships with them. The vision is to build a company that is infused with Mr. Talwar’s values of hard work and business ethics.

Our Legacy

Built to last


In the town of Moradabad, Mr. Lajpat Rai Talwar established Objects D’art India as a small-scale domestic warehouse.


We made the first move towards crossing the borders in 1961, with exporting brass and metal products to the Middle East. Our very first production unit was in place and running by 1965. By the late 1960s, our products were also being exported to the US and Europe.


We expanded our workspace by switching to a large scale factory and our operations by manufacturing distinctive and decorative metal accents.


We ventured out into different materials like metal, glass, ceramic, wood, etc. in the 1990s.


We put together a fully automated state of the art unit dedicated to wood.


Set in motion and launched our domestic sales.


Handcrafted luxury

Objects D’art India Believes in creating grandiose home decor that our clients desire and endure. With utmost attention to detail, we manufacture modern yet high-quality handicrafts. We aim to fuse the skills and knowledge of artisans that are respected for their experience and diverse backgrounds. Since our inception, we have ventured into different materials, such as metal, wood, ceramic, glass and textiles. We enhance our creations by combining these different materials and curating products that inspire an individual expression and taste.

Designed by Heart

At Objects D’art India, we earnestly work together to make our customer’s experience with us valuable. The eagerness to reinvent ourselves and offer unmatched quality are the key driving force for our company. Our aim is to provide and promote ethically rooted products.

Every person on our team pushes themselves to unite their craft and create an exquisite range of products. Each step of the process from designing to finishing is monitored to achieve perfection. Our strength lies in our authenticity, which begins with the detailed choice of raw materials and flows effortlessly throughout our manufacturing process. We constantly hope that our finely curated pieces add a little pleasure into our customers’ homes and lives.


Commited to deilver

Objects D’art India has been honoured with some of the most prestigious recognitions including the EPCH Handicrafts Exports Award and William-Sonoma Inc Vendor Appreciation Award.


Giving Back To The Society!

As a respected organization of the society, we are committed to protecting and preserving our environment through responsible practices and policies. We promote a ‘minimum waste’, ‘conservational’ and ‘eco-friendly’ approach in our day-to-day operations. We diligently follow all required guidelines of the Timber Regulation Society (VRIKSH). Our belief lies in thriving a balance between our ecosystem and economy. Making our manufacturing plant a green workspace is our ultimate objective.

The infrastructure of our company is equipped with solar plants and other ultra-modern machinery to optimize energy, minimize waste and achieve maximum efficiency. Furthermore, we are committed to contribute to our society through donating a part of the earnings to our Charitable Trust and Hospital.

Certificates & Compliances

We Grow With You!

At Objects D’art, we strongly believe in constantly amplifying and encouraging the work of our craftsmen. We make utmost efforts to uplift them by providing the right opportunities, inspiring and motivating them. Our priority is to boost our flourishing personnel and preserve their traditions and art.

We perpetually initiate training programs and workshops steering towards our employees’ sustainable craftsmanship and essentially, contributing to their health. Regular medical camps set ups are arranged to ensure the safety of our people through every step with no compromises. We persistently try and support the families of our employees. Our trust lies in the fact that with the right platform, our artisans can grow in confidence, leave their mark with their flawless work and earn their rightful worth.

Covid Compliant

For India

While businesses and health risks rightfully remain at the forefront of concerns in such a pandemic, we must not forget to support our employees and our customers’ confidence in us.

With the joint collaboration of our workers and management, we have ensured a safer and more prepared workspace for COVID-19. Consistent Covid tests are arranged by the company, body temperatures are checked regularly and frequent vaccination camps are set up for all the employees. Our factories are thoroughly disinfected and all workers wear masks and sanitize themselves numerous times to ensure safety from the virus. Our amended framework allows us to adapt to the current scenario better and our personal precautions give us a more shielded working environment in this rapidly evolving situation.

Our Policies

Our Employees Define Us!

Objects D’art India is an assertively growing family and believes in the value of each member. Our workspace nurtures and affirms each person’s achievements, ideas and creativity, regardless of its extent. Regular safety and vocational training are communicated to our employees to establish a coherent organization with proper safety standards and minimal wastage. We also diligently follow all government protocols including the ESIC (Employee State Insurance Scheme) and EPF (Employee Provident Fund).

Social Welfare!

We strictly keep away from any child labour, be it in the supply chain or our manufacturing unit and progress the same thought amongst all our employees and vendors. Our initiatives offer educational and vocational training for women and children. We also facilitate free of cost health check-ups for all our workers and employees.